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2022 Montague Circle Raft

The initial weather forecast for our Montague Harbour Circle Raft was not looking great. Regardless, 14 vessels made the trek through Active Pass to Montague Harbour to participate. On Saturday morning, the circle began taking shape and the clouds parted revealing a beautiful day.

Once the first few boats were organized and anchors were firmly set, the balance of the vessels joined the group. Anchor lines were adjusted, stern lines were tightened and bow lines were connected between all vessels ultimately making a pretty impressive circle of boats.

As Montague is such a busy anchorage, many curious boaters came by to see the RCYC gang enjoying each other's company and generally having an excellent time on the water together.

Not many captains/crew participated in the scavenger hunt, however, the resulting entries were very impressive! Before the sun set for the day, lines were released and all vessels found a secure place to anchor on their own or rafted with a couple of others.

The day ended with a fun but chilly dinghy "train" through the whole anchorage.

Somehow, no one fell into the water ... remarkable.
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