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Past Events
(click on the image for more details / photographs from the previous events)

2023 Ladner Carol Cruise

A little bit of drizzle on Friday night did not dampen the spirits of the captains and crews of the boats participating in the annual Ladner Carol Cruise. Saturday evening was nice, clear and dry and everyone had another great time both nights.


RCYC boats that attended were: "Knight Star", "Pacific Queen", "Pilatak", "sEa Harmony", "Emerald Sea" & "Payback".

2023 Flotilla to Seattle

This epic journey was lead by vice-Commodore, Steven Hobbs and attended by nine other lucky members. The event was planned to begin immediately following the Victoria Inner Harbour cruise.


This two-part docuseries will leave you wishing you were there in 2023.

2022 Ladner Carol Cruise 

Once again, we had a windy and rainy Friday evening and a calm(er) dry Saturday evening. Regardless, brave captains and crews participated in the annual Ladner light cruise having tons of fun.


RCYC boats that attended were: "Knight Star", "Pilitak", "sEa Harmony", "Emerald Sea" & "Payback" on Friday night and on Saturday night, all of those vessels plus "Celtic Cross".


Check out the video made by Tony of Viewfinder II

2022 Montague Circle Raft - May 21-23, 2022

The initial weather forecast for our Montague Harbour Circle Raft was not looking great. Regardless, 14 vessels made the trek through Active Pass to Montague Harbour to participate.


On Saturday morning, the circle began taking shape and the clouds parted revealing a beautiful day.

2022 Sail Past - May 7, 2022

Our first Sail Past since Covid-19 began!


It was very well attended with 12 boats; vessels, captains and crew all in their formal dress.  The after party was also very well attended; it was so great to meet and visit in person again.


We have an excellent video of the entire event taken by Tony Dathan as well Ken Leslie created a photo collage of all the vessels and the after party! Our past and present Commodore collaborated and made a special speech to the ladies...

2022 Vessel Safety Inspection / Pot Luck - April 23, 2022

I have been excited for days! Why? because I got to spend the day with my many friends from RCYC & CLI.


Our day was a fun filled day with lots of laughter and boy were we ever pleased to see the sun come out at 10:22! 😊 Bang on for the time that the big guy in the sky told me he would...  (read full story)

2021 Ladner Carol Cruise 

Due to wind and rain, many captains decided not to set sail on Friday night, however, on Saturday, there was a great turnout of decorated vessels for the 2021 Ladner Carol Cruise. 

RCYC boats that attended were: Knight Star and Pilitak on Friday night, and on Saturday night, Payback, Aqua Miss and Pilitak

2021 Genoa Bay - September 3-5

Genoa Bay Labor Day “Meet and Greet” 2021

“No Host”

Happy Hours

Contact Genoa Bay at 1-800-572-6481 – you must make your own reservation and say you are with RCYC.

There are only 12 spots that have been reserved for us.

If you are unable to attend and have made reservations and you have to cancel, you must cancel 2 weeks prior.

If you have any questions, contact Rear Commodore, Joe McCann.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, especially new members

2020 Commodore's Ball

The 2020 Commodore's Ball was held at the Elements Casino in Cloverdale.

This proved to be an excellent venue with very good food and service. Everyone who was there said that they had an excellent time.

2019 Commodore's Ball

The annual Ball held in February was another success.

It had an optional Mardi Gras theme or the regular blues and greys. Everyone reported having a good time and that the DJ supplying the music was excellent.

2019 Genoa Bay "Redneck" Cruise

The 2019 "Redneck" cruise was a another great success with 17 boats attending and about 55 people who enjoyed a fun filled weekend. Everyone enjoyed fellowship on the docks along with a few beverages, team games and of course our Potlucks and dinners up top.

The weather was nice, and the seas were calm for our crossing on Monday.

2019 Victoria May Weekend

Another Fantastic Event! We had 15 boats registered, but two had to cancel at the last minute. Everyone enjoyed being in Victoria once again - seeing all the boats and renewing old friendships. We look forward to doing it again next year.

2019 Ladner Carol Cruise

The annual Ladner Carol Cruise was another success! Here are some photos that show the event. Note, this year we had several children, which made the event even more fun.

2019 Sailpast

Our sailpast was well attended and the after party was even more well attended. Definitely a successful event!

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