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The Royal City Yacht Club was founded October 22, 1941 with the filing of the formal Bylaws and registration as a non-profit society. The membership met at their clubhouse on Dyke Road, New Westminster on the South Arm of the Fraser River in what is now called the Royal City Marina, for 60 years! During the height of the Second World War the club remained inactive, reconvening in 1946. Eventually the clubhouse was sold and rented back to RCYC in an arrangement that prevailed until December 31, 2001.

In 1985, RCYC members purchased on Ruxton Island, Lot 16 out of monies RCYC had in the bank, for an outstation property – $8,042.57.

Shortly thereafter, they were notified by the Island Trust that they would not be permitted to build any structure (not even a gazebo) or docks at the site. If anyone is interested in the rest of the history of Ruxton Island, please contact our club Secretary.

For a short while an agreement was made with the Navy League to house the meetings and club paraphernalia at the Sea Cadet Base on Annacis Island. In 2002 negotiations began with Airport Yacht Club to cohabitate in their facility on the Middle Arm of the Fraser River in Richmond. By 2003 terms were reached between the parties and RCYC moved into their new home. This served us well until 2010, after which we met at a variety of venues until the present one, the Delta Golf Club, 11550 Ladner Trunk Road was decided on in 2013. This has been very successful.

Royal City Yacht Club continues to maintain its relationship with New Westminster, however, we also take an active roll in Delta as we support the local food banks. In December 2021, club members donated $735.00 to the local food banks. We also take part in the Ladner Christmas Cruise with our vessels decorated with Christmas lights and other seasonal ornaments.

An Outstation was established on Saltspring Island in 2001 at Ganges Marina. RCYC was proud to claim 100 feet of uninterrupted dock space in the heart of one of the most popular destinations in the Gulf Islands - its “home away from home”! That arrangement was not renewed after 2018 and we made new arrangements with Salt Spring Marina. As the marina was being totally rebuilt but it was in full operation in 2020. It now functions as an Outstation with 247' of dedicated dock space in the summer months. Further information is available at Outstation.

Royal City Yacht Club is administered by an elected Bridge with the approval of the membership. Men and women have equal status in all aspects of the club and its operation. An Annual General Meeting is held in October or November when the incoming Bridge is announced. The outgoing officers pass over their responsibilities during the monthly Bridge Meeting in December and the club is administered by the new Bridge in January.

The RCYC bylaws are reviewed every year and are updated as needed to keep pace with changing circumstances.

The Royal City Yacht Club is a spirited, unpretentious yacht club.

The fleet consists of a mix of power and sailing vessels and her members include a multi-cultural mix of people from all walks of life. The emphasis of the club is on conscientious, enjoyable boating and maintaining and celebrating a family atmosphere within the membership that continues to reflect the community RCYC is so well known for among boaters of the Pacific Northwest

If you are interested in joining us, please see our Membership Details and benefits.

Registering the RCYC Bylaws 22Oct1941.jpg
Original Bylaw Filing
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