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Website Update Log

Below is a list of the pages or sections of this website updated during the last year;

Jan. 27 - Updated wordings and deleted out of date information.

Feb. 10 - Added new diagram to Saltspring dock page. Also added new rule re setting up chairs on the main dock.

March 26 - Revised rules re Salt Spring Marina - now open but reservations required.

March 31 - Spring Special Application Form Added

April 14 - Added link to Sayward Webcam - gives views of Johnstone Strait

April 18 - Photos of our Outstation showing the dock box, signs.

April 28 - Add a link to NetKnots - one of the best site to learn how to tie all types of knots

Aug. 13 - Minor updates in wording re Outstation and Cruising Stations and updated Membership Application
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